Friday, December 16, 2011


Wonders never cease....Karen AND Jeff are now gone.....I can't even begin to explain how that feels. Yep, I'm going to end this paragraph on that note.

Something I have been predicting is about to happen. What am I talking about? Despite her denials, a masked knockout will be revealed in the coming weeks to be Melina. She's finally crossed the line. This is GREAT news for the division as they can really use her expertise. With Karen gone, this may make Traci the next party in line for the VP position, which would make a welcome change of the tides.

I will say this....I am not a fan of the hodge podge tag team innovation happening right now. It, frankly, annoys me. It almost makes me wish they would pair up Abyss with Doctor Stevie. I actually miss that character. I am SO looking forward to the reunion of a decent team that looks like they belong together.

I'd like to take the time here to thank you guys for coming in and's been a bit of a weird week, I know....hence the breaks in columns. Funny thing about news....when it breaks, it often breaks big, but when it doesn't, it can be tough to fill in the gaps. That being said, is there anything you'd like to hear about? A perspective on anything in particular? By all means, I am open to comments and suggestions. Just throw something up and I'll do what I can to accommodate.


  1. Why don't u make yourself as a special guest referee with a.j. vs Bobby

  2. Why don't u make yourself as a special guest referee with a.j. vs Bobby

  3. do u have any idea about whats happening with goldberg? i've seen a video saying his return will be before the end of the year but not heared anything else about it..