Monday, December 26, 2011

Division Development.....

In a twist I didn't see coming, Tony Nese is finally going to be getting some TV time. I don't remember having seen him in the past 4 months AT LEAST. Additionally, he and Zema Ion are working a best of 3 series. I can only guess it's for the X Title contendership prize. This means 6 true competitors now compete for the gold there. Ion, Nese, Kash, Sorensen, Aries, and Kendrick. Is anyone else stoked about more X Division matches and a longer time for them?

In the Tag Team Division, life has gotten more and more bizarre as teams have been thrown together that have no business being so. Abyss and Steiner? Really? I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed at the Creative Staff on this one. Unless this has a purpose and that purpose is going to be made clear, I say shut it down and put the teams back that have some kind of cohesion. For the sake of the holders of the gold and those who care about the division. At least some of the attention is off Jesse Neal having parted ways with TNA....Yep. Neal was being asked to relocate to OVW to get more training. He refused and now the future seems to be up in the air for his girlfriend....the Knockout known as Toxxin. My suggestion? Make the move for a year and come back with a better gimmick. Just a thought.

The Knockouts Division now includes Traci? Wait....when did THIS happen? Did we give up on the idea of a VP? I'm confused. We need to get ourselves together, people. If we don't need a VP of the Knockouts Division, tell the people we're doing away with the position entirely. Don't give us hopes of a face VP and then simply not keep us in the loop. I'm just saying. I would like to congratulate Rosita for becoming PWI's Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year. Her story is compelling. Look it up if you get the chance.

The TV Title is in a state of flux. I'm wondering what's in store for this thing. It's almost as worthless as the WWE Championship. The difference is, it looks more prestigious. Yeah, I said it. What?! I will say this for the belt, at least it's being defended. The competitors could not, however be more meaningless. And that's all I have to say about this nonsense.

Ahhh....the World Title. Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and James Storm are all top tier hunters for this belt. I LOVE this cast. Fact is, toss in Kazarian and maybe John Morrison and the list of the best World Title contenders is better than any other company on the planet in terms of match quality. I have yet to see any on these guys put on a bad match when all elements are there. Victory Road 2011 doesn't count, for all you Hardy haters. A lot has changed in the months following his hiatus and it's been for the best. Welcome back to the middle of the road, Jeff Hardy. Now let's stay there.

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