Monday, December 12, 2011

Entrance Fee.....

As it turns out, Jericho has opted to go back to WWE after all. With that being said, he will be most likely involved in either the Royal Rumble match itself OR in a run in during the CM Punk match, leading to their Wrestlemania feud. In other spoiler WWE news, Kane's return will be to the RAW brand and the decision is still in the air about whether he'll return masked or not.

As for TNA, the current plan as far as the Jarrett situation is to give Jeff the axe and give him the opportunity to get the India project TNA is working on underway as an overseer. My response?

THAT means we're going to be treated to more Karen Jarrett as the VP of the Knockouts Division, but not with a couple of consequences for her part in the Cage Match. Expect there to be consequences for Roode AND for Karen on Impact. Roode escaped the champion with a 3-3 draw decision by the referee against AJ Styles, but he has Jeff Hardy to look forward to at Genesis. Sources I've been talking to have led me to believe there may be another force involved in the match, whether stipulation or contender. Which is it? I have no idea.....yet.

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