Friday, December 9, 2011

The Face-off.....

If anyone read my posts yesterday, I think you know I'd put together my fantasy card built around an entirely main event level card featuring, what I consider the best matches to possibly fill out the card as a whole. That being said, I give you the following:

Matt Morgan vs. Sheamus.....The Battle of the Big Guns. I like BOTH of these guys and I think they are VERY evenly matched on the surface. HOWEVER, Matt Morgan has a great deal more experience, even without the big gold to show for it. If it were over a title, I would give it to Morgan for his first big gold achievement.

CM Punk vs. Sting.....Why? Because I LOVE the idea of Punk in a feud with one of the great kings of the mind game. This would be a portable money printing machine. Punk, with his knowledge of the business and his poise in ring would be a benefit as Sting would need someone with his skill to make the match worth watching. CM Punk would ultimately win out in a match that would make Randy Orton jealous.

Dolph Ziggler vs. AJ Styles.....I've heard more than one news report that Ziggler is among the best workers in WWE right now. It seems fitting to put Styles here as he is the poster boy for TNA, with his squeaky clean image and face persona. There is little doubt in my mind that AJ would be the victor, given his experience and expansive moveset.

Samoa Joe vs. Ezekiel Jackson.....There is no other place to make this even. These two must face one another. If WWE had built this guy as they should have, I would have given the triumphant victory to big 'Zeke, but since Joe's story has been a bit better, I'd give it to Joe.

Miz vs. Jeff Hardy.....I don't remember these two ever meeting in WWE, but if they had, Hardy would have put him through a stage the way he did to Orton. Now, Jeff is in a place where he could use a victory. Without much thought, I put Jeff over.

I can hear it now....why aren't more WWE guys going over? Since WWE has flooded their roster with youth and gotten rid of most of their veterans, this is what you're left with. I will grant that some of these match ups could go either way, but with experience on the side of TNA here, TNA gets a huge sway of momentum.

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: James Storm vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett vs. Bobby Roode
Now on the surface this kinda looks like a Nexus vs. Beer Money match, but since all of these guys have had some success as singles competitors, this would be a pretty epic performance. In my personal opinion, it would come down to Bryan and Roode in the final fall, with Bryan taking the win in the end.

What we're left with is Zack Ryder and Velvet Sky, which means that I will pick one partner for each to compete in a mixed tag. By putting together glamour and beauty, we come to Kelly Kelly as Ryder's partner. By putting comedy and athletic ability together, we arrive at Eric Young as Velvet Sky's partner...

Eric Young and Velvet Sky vs. Zack Ryder and Kelly Kelly.......Believe it or not, I would LOVE to see a match like this. The humor and sex appeal would make this the perfect halfway point for the card. That being said, I have no clue who to root for. I want Zack Ryder to win in a battle vs. Young, but I want Velvet Sky winning over Kelly Kelly, but I want the partners to work off of one another.....I say call it a draw.

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