Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fountain of Youth.....

With the influx of young talents rushing up the ranks of WWE's championship pool, a lot of pro-WWE columnists are looking at this as the greatest thing since sliced bread. My take on this phenomenon is quite a different one. I look at this as a panic tactic WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon is trying to see if the crop of talents can make this thing work. He's run very slim on options since putting the spring cleaning brigade on overdrive the past few years. Due to his lack of veteran star power, he is forced to operate with young talents, who are all quite talented guys in their own right, but also very green to the WWE main event style of playing the game. I am seeing this as more of an experiment than a change in the run of the mill.

Daniel Bryan as champion is something that wrestling magazines and independent columnists have wanted to see and were vocal about for a time. Knowing this, Vince has this opportunity in a part of the year that notoriously has tremendous difficulty putting up numbers against the Bowl Game armada. It's this that is slated to make it's appearance during the Christmas week, not to mention NFL games leading up to the end of the season. Those games tend to put a bunch of pressure on the WWE product viewing numbers. Trying new things is a way to pass the time before the college football season ends. Once that is behind them, they can more effectively build behind the champion in power after Royal Rumble.

Let's look at the champions....CM Punk, who has done very well for himself, in the eyes of the WWE white tower. His merchandise sales are up and his popularity is soaring pretty high. Despite all of that, though, I doubt very much that it is enough to carry a main event at Wrestlemania. On a related note, Daniel Bryan is an apparition. He is something people did not expect. He did VERY little this year save for winning the briefcase that gave him the title in the first place. Outside of that, his build was COMPLETELY absent. So much for waiting until Wrestlemania.'s what we've got....CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Neither of these guys is ready to main event, in my humble opinion. This leaves only one of two options....put the straps right back on the main event tier i.e. Orton, Cena, and the like....OR one of the main event elite is going to win the Royal Rumble and cash in to face Daniel Bryan for his title. My mind is set that Chris Jericho is coming back to add star power to CM Punk's match on the card, regardless of whether or not he has the belt. Despite his rumored return, don't look for him to stick around, though.

I have no problems accepting the undercard as they are because they are needed to help build the lower tier guys in there to take their places. Additionally, those guys have been there deceivingly longer than most of the other guys on the contenders' slot save for Cody Rhodes.

Why do I keep bringing up WWE? Because news about the competition gives power to be able to adjust tactics and continue building a competitive organization. Looking at the trends, you can more effectively put together something different without expending much energy, allowing for a true alternative to whatever is being put out.

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