Sunday, December 11, 2011

Game Day.....

With every match on the card, ready to be put into motion, it seems there is little to discuss. However, in light of John Morrison's latest YouTube post, it seems reasonable to potentially alter my stance. Potentially is the key word.....

Who knows if he's looking to re-emerge in TNA tonight? I won't count out the possibility, but I also won't count him in, either. for my predictions?

X Division Title match.....Aries vs. Kash
This one is a tough call. Kid Kash has been doing some dynamite stuff in the past few weeks including his last PPV appearance. While I don't want to see the strap leave Aries for anyone other than Sorensen, I'm going to predict a win for Kash.

Tag Team Title match....Pope/Devon vs. Crimson/Morgan
This is going to be a good match. No question in my mind. Now, exactly HOW good? A fair question....if TNA decides to showcase Crimson more, it could go either way, but if Morgan and Devon get some good momentum going, this match is going to be a very sound match. Crimson/Morgan retain is my stance.

Knockouts Title Match....Gail Kim vs. Mickie James
Before I go into any length, I am going to go with Gail Kim retaining the belt. Why? I get the feeling there is something in store for AFTER the match. While, for once, this could go off without interference, I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm going to go with an ultimately clean pin for Gail, but a pre-match beatdown for Mickie.

TV Title match.....Robbie E. vs. Eric Young
I am SO sick of seeing these two fighting for the worthless belt. I couldn't begin to care about this match UNLESS someone worthwhile comes in to clean house and takes the belt for himself. Seriously....not even going to pick a winner.

World Title.....AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode
I truly cannot wait for this match. I LOVE Iron Man Matches anyway, but this one has two guys who can go for 30 minutes nonstop without taking a breather. With all the technical wrestling Roode has in spades, Styles has a counter. This will be a hard fought battle with no real winner ultimately. UNLESS someone comes out to force a decision, I'm going to go with a No Contest.

RVD vs. Daniels
This one I really want to see Daniels come out on top for. I think it's time to start his rise to the top to get the Fortune feud to come full circle as each member has something going on right now except Kazarian. I have nothing to indicate it one way or another, so I'll say Daniels.

Angle vs. Storm
This one could go either way and I can get behind that, but I'm going to have to side with Storm. Angle needs the time to train, to ready himself for what is ahead for his qualifying matches for the Olympics. A loss will explain his absence.

Battle of the Jeffs (Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett) Cage Match
With escape as the only option and the career of Karen or Jeff being on the line, I'm going to go with Hardy for one simple reason. I WANT KAREN OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER!

I think that covers my predictions, but as I said, I am not counting on an appearance from anyone new, but SOME news would be AMAZING. In the meantime, enjoy the PPV anyway....

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