Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Genesis Effect.....

In the upcoming weeks, TNA has their work cut out for them. I am waiting for the pairings TNA has put together for the Tag Team Title tournament to make some sense, but I have yet to see anything that is working, for the moment. This makes me believe more than ever that the two teams I mentioned in column's past are about to make a comeback, or at least one of them.

With James Storm hot off of a victory over Kurt Angle at Final Resolution, I wouldn't be surprised if they put him into the main event at Genesis. I DO, however, wonder what possible opponent they would pick for him if they should decide not to do a three way bout. Fact of the matter is, they could do a Fatal Four Way, including Styles, who never lost at Final Resolution.

Since Karen Jarrett still is VP of the Knockouts Division to this point, I am looking VERY forward to Traci Brooks finally snapping and engineering a coup against her boss. Whether or not Morrison comes over to TNA right now or not, I would very much like to see Melina make her mark in the Knockouts Division. With a fully loaded female roster like that, there would be absolutely no question who has the best women's division.

Right now, I am very curious to see where they take the direction of the Tag Team, TV, and X Titles. I see no ready opponents for any of them at the moment.  With Genesis looming in the closing distance, something needs to materialize for things to be able to move forward.

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  1. x division-Chris Saben
    Tv title-a battle royal
    tag team--ladder matches on whoever wins the tournament
    Just opinions!

    Cesar barcenas