Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homage to Characters Missed.....

This column is very near and dear to me. I want to take some time and thank some of my favorite former TNA performers. These performers would be welcomed back by the fans and talents alike as they embodied some of the best talent TNA has had to offer. I do have my personal favorites, which I dispense here, but I give many thanks nevertheless, to the service each and every performer has given to the fans of TNA. Without further ado, I would like to use this as a petition to every performer mentioned here that we wish you Happy Holidays and hope you'll one day make a triumphant return.

1. Petey Williams....The Canadian Destroyer is the talent I most miss. His talent was greatly underutilized in his time, but I believe in a return, there would be more fanfare, pomp, and circumstance if he were to grace TNA's stage once again than ANY other former talent TNA has ever had.

2. Taylor Wilde.....The Knockout who beat Kong in her debut was, perhaps the greatest loss TNA has suffered in the division since Kong herself. Though I respect her decision to walk away and pursue a life of normalcy, I know that TNA would welcome a chance to see one of the brightest lights the Knockouts Division has ever agreed to let go in good faith.

3. Monty Brown......The Alpha Male running rampant once again would be something of a godsend to put in the path of someone like Crimson. Though his contributions have never seen the glint of World Championship gold, I am confident his path to glory would be in coming should he ever see fit to make a return. Fact of the matter is, he'd only be one POUNCE away......period.

4. Christian Cage.....I grant that this is a tall, a VERY tall order, but Christian  brought some of the best heel heat and face pops TNA has ever experienced. His arrival at Genesis 2005 made waves and breathed new life and confidence into his character once his return to WWE was imminent. The proof is in his nearly single-handed shouldering of the ECW brand before its collapse. A return to TNA once his injury has passed would be something of a welcome home party.

5. Nikki Roxx......Her name under the TNA banner was Roxy and she was among the greatest Knockouts TNA employed. To her credit, TNA was shady in their dealings with her and yet, she has been more professional and more classy than ANY other womens performer in ANY televised wrestling promotion in the last 20 years. I would welcome her back to my TV in ANY capacity, even as the VP of the Knockouts Division if they should take the product in her direction.

While this list only scratches the surface of the tremendous performers lost over the past few years, some of the greatest moments in TNA history have come under the ushering of such stars. A welcome day would dawn if even one of these would return to the thundering applause of the TNA Nation as a whole.

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