Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Indian Circuit....

TNA, as some of you already know, is launching a new product in India to cater to the audiences nearer to Eastern audiences. The fact of matter is, they've pulled out some pretty big stops and got some high class performers to round out their roster. These talents include, but are not limited to Chavo Guerrero Jr., Shawn Diavari, Chris Masters, and Luke Gallows, who performed in WWE as a member of the Straight Edge Society. Additionally, current American product members made appearances to give some added star power to an already bolstered show.....Matt Morgan, Mickie James, Magnus, and the TNA founder Jeff Jarrett.

To those who believe TNA isn't going out into the world and making disciples....think again. From the cast of characters, you'd think they are running like they've got the itch to be the best in the world. They crowned Matt Morgan as their first champion. Really. I have one thing to say about this development....Congratulations, Matt, now come back here and take the big belt here in the States too. It'd be nice to see you with two belts draped in a cross pattern like Rambo. Chavo and David Hart Smith are the Tag Champs. Can you believe THAT? A Hart and a Guerrero? Does the world get any more unfair? Why do I say unfair? BECAUSE WE DON'T GET TO SEE THAT HERE!!!! I would LOVE to see Hart and Guerrero in TNA as the Tag Champions.

I hope with all of my being that this creates in influx and sharing of talents for both sides of the organization. Seeing Chris Masters and Chavo on TV again would be a welcome change. We'll trade Robbie E. and Scott Steiner for that. Seriously. Additionally, the talents in OVW are going to be able to get some more exposure in a new market that is getting ready to explode. I'm not kidding about this, some of the fans in India have yet to even see something like this and TNA bringing that to the table is something worth mentioning.

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