Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It Begins....to crumble....

I've been talking about what is coming down the pike for WWE for weeks now and since Chris Jericho is now dodging questions, it seems that he's the "surprise" they have in store for January 2nd. If that weren't enough, Brodus Clay is FINALLY getting set to debut next week in new packaging as well. To further complicate the entire situation, Skip Sheffield is also looking to make a triumphant return. The rumor mills are saying that Sheffield is going to get a HUGE push upon his return.

Brodus Clay is in a spot I would never want to find myself in.....he was forgotten about....for almost a month's time. Does this seem strange to anyone else that someone who WWE has touted as a monster powerhouse renegade, set to light the top tier on fire vanished from the "coming next week" promos after about a month? Truth be told, I'm not optimistic about his chances of success in the coming weeks. I expect a systematic burial or them giving him the microphone and letting him talk.....which is almost as bad.

The rumors in the wind are also saying that Sheffield will be making his return under a new persona....his FCW character, known as Ryback. As best I understand it, this character is a time traveler from the future. Do I believe this kind of persona could work in WWE? In another time....perhaps. The problem enters with the PG environment and is only further complicated by a lack of believable opponents to face right out of the gate. Suffice it to say that this could be a bombshell from which WWE may never fully recover from. This only to be outdone by......

There are those in the white tower in Stanford, Connecticut that believe the WWE Network will fail within the first year. I've mentioned that the launch date already is leaving some very good jokes open for business should the venture go belly up. Think about this....they launch on April Fools' Day and then they have a going out of business sale all on the same day. Without everyone on your team supporting an effort as monumental as a network, don't you think you'd want to launch the network first? Maybe run some historical spotlight programs leading up to the biggest stage of them all? Just a thought....I am, but a lowly column writer who would know nothing about such grand matters as putting together a product that just works.

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