Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Concepts #3. Patience

So Zack Ryder and CM Punk are in the dog house because of low ratings. Vince seems to think that demoting people when the ratings drop is an effective means to achieving the numbers that are lacking. Is there any possible explanation why ratings are going down? For the record, last week's Smackdown popped an astonishingly low 1.9 rating. Just note that Impact consistently hovers between 1.1 and 1.25 on the ratings scale. What does it all mean?

WWE has no patience. Seriously. The writers and Vince are scrambling to try to find something to work out as well as The Rock and Stone Cold did from the Attitude Era. So far, only John Cena can put up the merchandise sales numbers to be competitive. Punk is catching up, but far too slowly for the suits in the back room. I watch a lot of wrestling documentaries. Do you know why? It gives such good perspective into how a performer is created. Jim Cornette said something interesting to me. When Steve Austin was "birthed", so to speak, the writers threw their hands up and just said "Let's just let him be himself...." and that was how it needed to be. That's how good performers are born, where it just them being themselves with the volume turned way up. They let Austin flounder a while before they let him be himself.

Punk is lightning in a bottle. So is Zack Ryder. So is Daniel Bryan. Letting Punk and Bryan speak their minds is a good start to building an effective empire. Worrying about the ratings is something best reserved for the Monday Night War almost a decade ago. WWE needs to give these guys some rope and be patient, allowing them to bloom and shock the fans they claim to be trying to win over.

They lost out on Ken Anderson, Matt Morgan, Elijah Burke, among the vast number of other performers released during the spring cleaning in years past. Why? They did not have the intestinal fortitude to sit back and wait for these guys to really break loose. WWE had Monty Brown. His promos were incredibly intense in TNA and I am sorry we lost him. They could not give him time to improve his skills. Is it really any wonder so many people leave unhappy? How about a lack of a brand new concept...PATIENCE.

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