Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Week....

We've got two specialty matches lined up and I can hardly wait for Final Resolution. I love the build they are giving Bobby Roode and that he's now the biggest heel on Impact. An Iron Man Match seems fitting for AJ and Roode as I know they can pull it off.      

I have mixed feelings about the Battle of the Jeffs Cage Match. I love Karen being held in handcuffs, but I don't like that she's involved at all. I do, however, still get a wave of joy seeing her throw that tantrum of hers. So funny. Jeff Jarrett NEEDS to sell Hardy's offense like a million bucks or it will stall Hardys push to the main event. If ever there was a good place to stick John Morrison, this would be it for me. Have Morrison come in as a face, preventing Jarrett from leaving the cage.

A guaranteed 30 to 50 minutes of action is great for a card's beginning. Seriously, nearly an hour of action set in stone is an improvement for WWE OR TNA from the previous months' worth of PPVs. The TNA Tag Team Title match is also looking to be a good one with Devon and Pope vs. Crimson and Morgan as the marquis match. I look for this to be a great match with plenty of psychological storytelling by Pope and Morgan, being highlighted by the finesse of Devon and finished off by Crimson.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim is one I've seen before, but never here in TNA. I am truly looking forward to that as well. Even though I can see some interference from a mile away, I get the feeling Melina will be waiting in the wings to render aid via Traci Brooks, keeping the Queen Bee at bay.

This PPV is going to be a good one with plenty of surprises in store. Only one more week, guys. I'm getting excited about TNA's chances on this card.                                                            

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  1. Would be awesome if the Ironman match was 60 mintues like the match between HBK and Hitman was! That would really test their skills and their ability to keep a crowd into it for that long.