Saturday, December 24, 2011


For some reading this, there will be a sense of confusion as to why I am talking about an injured WWE Superstar. To those who I'm actually talking to, you know why I bring him up. As a former World Heavyweight Champion in TNA, I look at Christian Cage as a consummate businessman with the sense to know his body isn't going to last forever and a more open schedule would lengthen his career for the long run. TNA was VERY good to him. With two World Heavyweight Title runs on his lengthy list of accolades, he was given the keys to the city. Not only so, but he was given runs against Sting, Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett for said titles.

I've always been a fan of Christian and when his debut in TNA came about, no one was more shocked than me.....

He was allowed to trademark his own name and profit from the sales in merchandise, and was given a number of different T-Shirts as well as a DVD chronicling the rise to the top of the TNA World Title food chain. His departure was a massive blow to TNA's talent pool, make no mistake. His WWE return, however, was treated with a failed championship and another 2 years of high profile losses, none of which elevated talents to the top tier. Any DVDs detailing his success as a WWE performer? Nope. I have been deeply disappointed in WWE's treatment of Christian as a champion AND as a top class performer who can make ANYONE look like a main eventer. Very few are able to have such an honor to be bestowed upon them. Christian Cage, however, has this quality in spades. An Instant Classic to the core.

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