Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Wrestlemania Conspiracy....

As reported yesterday, Chris Jericho has been speculated as the target of the January 2nd date the promos and vignettes are for. What was UNREPORTED was that Chris Jericho was livid about being left out of WWE's WWE 12. The words thrown around after his omission changed the climate of talks of his return. Some within the company hold hope of Jericho not wanting to miss out on a Wrestlemania payoff, but others believe Jericho doesn't believe that kind of disrespect is worth such a payout.

WWE are sticking with the idea that The Undertaker could fit the hype attached to the vignettes, but none believe it out of the question to introduce a new character to be a fitting replacement in a pinch. Once the mid-point of the month comes around, WWE will make their decision and do their storyline writing to adjust to it.

My question to all in the WWE Universe is why would WWE be on such a roll of stupid errors? By my reckoning, it began with the PG Era and since has been a comedy of epic proportions ever since. From the guest hosts who turned it into a weekly circus to the systematic burial of CM Punk to the jabbing (or snubbing) of former WWE employees to the most recent Sin Cara T-Shirt, which is, even now picking up speed. By all means, look up the controversial still swirl the internet. I believe Hulk Hogan said it best.....
"You can make a lot of little mistakes, but you can make very few big ones. 'Cause once that plane starts going down, it's really hard to pull that nose up with so much weight behind it." (The Rise and Fall of WCW)

Vince has been erratic in his treatments of RAW over the course of the past 2 years. His presence makes people nervous; he calls for rewrites almost weekly (the week of CM Punk's return, there were 6 rewrites of his return segment alone), and very few people can walk by without feeling like they have to walk on eggshells. His newfound love of Twitter is fast becoming the inside joke in the locker room. With so many banned words from the commentator's booth, as well as forbidding their talents to mention any other company by name on interviews, TV spots, etc. it seems impossible to tell what to say and what not to without some sort of list of things to memorize before making appearances. Additionally, WWE seems content to push talents to make appearances on TV outside of the product on talk shows and radio shows and the like as often as possible.

The WWE machine is looking to march forward with their own network. The inaugural launch date is on the same day as Wrestlemania this year. April 1, 2012. Does it strike anyone else as odd that WWE would pick a day like that to launch such an epic campaign? If I were in their place, I would remove all irony and foreshadowing by removing the launch date of a network from April Fool's Day to some other time.....just a thought. If the network fails, which, in terms of the programming they are looking to promote, seems likely, there will be more than just comparisons to the XFL to contend with.

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