Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wrestler of the Year.....

CM Punk. I'm going to put his name above the top of the list because after his pipe bomb promo, there was a silence....I'm talking about a momentary hush where you suspended belief. Did he actually say that? Did he have an accomplice to help him get air time? Is Vince going to give this a real fighting chance to sell? I will say that the answer to whether or not he was given a fighting chance to take the reins took place in a match where he was systematically buried by Triple H in the months that followed. Even though Vince sold him out and arranged him BENEATH Cena AGAIN after having beaten John on 3 consecutive meetings on PPV, CM Punk's promo earns him my vote for Wrestler of the Year for an experimental promo cut on a whim.

I may never know whether or not everything he said was planned or if the plug wasn't being pulled because of miscommunications from the man upstairs, but I do know that CM Punk is ALSO in the running for the most EPIC FAIL of the year and that not of his own volition. The treatment of his push is, without doubt, the most EPIC FAIL OF THE YEAR, only being challenged by a lack of a John Cena heel turn at Survivor Series. The TNA treatment of Bobby Roode is only a blip on the radar of bad decisions next to the two WWE has wasted this year.

In case any of you missed this promo from Punk, I GLADLY post it here as the single best piece of WWE footage I have seen in the past 4 years.....

I still get goosebumps seeing this footage. It's really a genius piece. CM Punk is the most underrated, underutilized, underappreciated talent WWE has right now. Yes, he's in a main event. Yes, he's got the big gold. And yes, he's foregoing a spot in the Royal Rumble to defend said belt. A champion is only as good as his opponent. WWE's idea of the best opponent is Del Rio? Really? CM Punk, a man who, only six months ago was the hottest topic on the internet and the wrestling world in general is reduced to carrying Alberto Del Rio's rear end through a program that is consistently losing viewers on TV?

Additionally, he's holding a belt he doesn't even like. For the record, a number of Superstars on the WWE roster have taken a petition to change the WWE Title. The man leading the charge? John Cena, for whom the belt was designed in the first place. In the coming months, WWE is looking to re-introduce the WWE Title with a different look than we've seen in the past 6 or 7 years. My response? IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!! Yeah, I've got some venom about WWE's belts. They went from having some of the most prestigious looking titles in the WORLD. The WWE Title, The Women's Championship, The World Tag Team Championships, The WWE Tag Team Championships; each one was replaced by an inferior counterpart. The Diva's Title, The Spartan (say what you want about them, but the unified titles are hideous) Tag Team Titles; they are all shadow predecessors of much greater, classier belts.

Okay, rant over. My point in all of this is that CM Punk is in a terrible place right now with an opponent who couldn't deserve the push less. Punk is a class act performer who holds an inferior title in an inferior feud and is handling it all with more class than someone else might have with half as many complaints about the job. Thumbs up to CM Punk.

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