Thursday, December 8, 2011

WWE's Best.....

Since I've put down WWE so often, it seems only fair that I put together something nice. It's on the heels of watching WWE's Chris Jericho documentary that I feel compelled to give WWE SOME credit. With this entry, I will also throw out a few rules here to balance the playing field, as WWE's roster is much larger than TNA's. It seems to me that any star who should be at the top of WWE's game should have the following qualifications.

- At least 4 years' experience in the mid-card.
- At least one victory over a main event level talent.
- At least one undercard title before entering the main event
- They must be able to perform for the next 5 years

With these qualifications, I may make one or two exceptions. Since WWE has flooded their roster with tragically green talents, it seems to me that certain talents must be given some leeway. That being the case, I think it best to jump right into the bulk of this thing. My Top 7.....

Zack Ryder....It's no secret that I think this guy has main event written all over him. With all but the third qualification under his belt, I think he is qualified enough. His lack of a mid card title is trumped by his ingenuity and use of social media to make him a mid card mogul. It earned him a spot on Sports Illustrated's list of 100 Most Influential Social Media Users in Sports. That's good enough for me.

Dolph Ziggler....I HATE his name. No one will ever convince me that his name sells. Nevertheless, his talent is undeniable. The current US Title holder is entering a trend, pulling double duty (2 separate matches on the same card) in the last 3 PPV outings. For any convinced that he doesn't have the tenure under his belt...he was one of the 5 members of the Spirit Squad (Nicky), who feuded with DX during the 2006, making his time with WWE comparable to Ryder, his opponent for TLC in a couple of weeks.

Sheamus....I like the big bad ginger. Seriously. I think he's one of WWE's best right now and has an impressive resume for someone as new to the company as he is. In terms of his time spent, he spent time on and off camera working angles for DX and made his first in ring appearance on camera in 2009. He is a Brock Lesnar for WWE. By this, I mean that he is an apparition. WWE, as a general rule, doesn't push new talents the way they have pushed him. But under the tutelage of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, he was LAUNCHED into the main event long before anyone else on this list.

Ezekiel Jackson....This one might shock you, but he reminds me of another big man who got the big break where he didn't...Sgt. Bobby Lashley. He has been spent criminally in the undercard for too long and, in my humble opinion, with either training on the mic or a spokesman, could EASILY have been what Mark Henry has been. I was a fan when he first came in, and saw him wasted without a second thought. You're missing it, WWE.

Wade Barrett.....This guy blows me away. He can cut a compelling promo, he can chain wrestle with the best, and he can command a legion. Not many guys in the wrestling business can claim that on their resume. He's still a new talent, but the Nexus' first on screen rampage with him as their leader makes me bend my own rules here.

CM Punk.....No one should be surprised. His infamous promo leading up to Money in the Bank is going to be remembered for a long while, mark my words. His controversial persona, however, is one that begs the question of whether or not WWE upper brass will, at some point cut him off. Nevertheless, with more than enough time under his belt and a list of world titles to his credit, he is well on his way to becoming what already claims to be...the Best in the World.

The Miz.....I HATE the Miz. I really do. I don't think he is ANYWHERE near as talented in the ring as the upper crust of WWE do. HOWEVER, since WWE, these days, has this thing about giving guys a shot if they can use the mic and, since he seems to feel at home in front of said microphone, he deserves to be at the top of the card. Simple as that.

That would be 7. Now...I'm sure there are those out there who will throw up their hands and try to tell me that Randy Orton, John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane, Mark Henry, Triple H, and God knows who else deserves be there. Here's the thing, Cena and Orton are set for life. They will be at the top of the card and it doesn't matter what the fans say or think. Taker is on his last legs. So is Kane. Triple H isn't needed in the game anymore. Mark Henry will not be around much longer; he's already had a 15+ year run and he'll be done in the coming years. I will expand this list for only one more Superstar and that is because he is a guaranteed sure thing.

Daniel Bryan....Mr. Money in the Bank is right now riding the waves to Wrestlemania. If CM Punk isn't busy and if Stone Cold Steve Austin or Chris Jericho don't show up to take some of Punk's thunder, I see Bryan cashing in on him. I like his resume. I like his ability to cut a promo. Contrary to most, HIS promo cut last year during NXT was quite possibly the thing that gave CM Punk the idea to put together his pipe bomb in the first place. Look it up, it's all there. Not to mention he is the single best wrestler on their ENTIRE roster. Look up his work in ROH. It runs circles around EVERYONE else....even Orton and Cena.

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