Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Two....Against All Odds...

I've been talking big about AAO this coming it's time to sell it. You've got about 6 guys hovering around the big gold belt, but not all members of Fortune are present as I initially predicted. As of this moment, in my opinion, there's Kurt Angle, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy....while I realize this is only 4, I think Sting's quest needs to be an alliance breaker for Daniels and Kazarian with the twist being in store for AJ Styles.

The Angle: Sting is listening to AJ's problems with Daniels and Kazarian when they come into the picture and decide to throw their own weight around by beating down AJ for a couple straight weeks. Sting decides to break the alliance by putting together a best of three bouts gauntlet where the winner decides who is banned from Against All Odds. Depending on who TNA management wants to give the title to next after, you could have any two of the guys compete in the big 6 man main event. Even if AJ wins the whole thing, one of the other two will be banned from the building for the finish.

I love the way the Knockouts Division is being booked right now, interference and all. Now that Karen has been fired from my TV just as I asked, even the interference seems more important now. I am still waiting to find out if any surprises are in store for another new debut in the coming weeks, but I believe we'll see a grand total of 5 debuts or returns this year. Expect to see Alex Shelley making a return in the coming weeks with a possible Motor City Machine Guns reunion before mid-year. Additionally, you may see Mexican America with a bit of help in Chavo Guerrero, who has been touring with TNA's India promotion. Chris Masters may make a debut as well as he, too is working the India tour.

Against All Odds may be TNA's saving grace leading into their 10 year celebration. I am loving that in spite of the critics, TNA has not only survived 10 years, but has done very well in recovering from the dismal year that was 2010. In fact, even though the numbers aren't showing it, TNA has been gaining more support abroad in addition to their current fanbase in the States. Way to go, guys! Congratulations to the entire crew for 10 years.

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