Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Bourne Identity......

This is a bit of a profile spot. I've been doing some digging and I've got some questions for the men in the Titan Tower. Every last question is surrounding Evan Bourne. 

When Air Boom was formed, was there ever a plan to put together a legitimate Tag Team Division? I ask this question in complete sincerity because there wasn't a single team that looked like it belonged together up until Epico and Primo came along that was getting showcased. For the record, that was nearly 8 months ago. In fact, the Usos, who have been around the WWE roster for 2 years, have yet to be pulled out of moth balls and put to good use. Additionally, there are more than 10 people on the WWE roster who have yet to be put to ANY use outside of Superstars events. THAT is waste, my friends.

How do you go about picking superstars to undergo the wellness tests? Unless this thing is COMPLETELY random, the locker room has a mole; an informant; a tattle-tale. Do I believe Bourne was in the right for smoking modified marajuana? Nope, but do I believe there are those in the top tier who follow a similar MO? Yep. My second part to the question is: If it IS all completely random, how did he get hit twice in a row? Seriously, either he's got some potent bad luck or someone has it out for him.

This next question falls on him alone....why not try NOT using the stuff that is screwing you out of the two biggest paydays of the year? If WWE were a Hostess Cupcake, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania would be the creme filling. Those two events put out the biggest payouts of every event over the course of the calendar year. Those events pay out pretty decent funds for very little screen time. There are report flooding the internet about guys taking anywhere from 20,000 dollars into the millions. This is for less than 10 minutes worth of work, ladies and gentlemen. 

The last question fall on the shoulders of the men in the suits who preside over the fate of Evan long does he have before he's shown the door? I ask this question because the writing is on the wall. Bourne will be gone before year's end. You heard it here first. I have no idea what the details of his contract are, but he'll be released shortly after Wrestlemania if officials haven't put ink on his "future endeavored" T-Shirt already. We may see another talented performer shining his boots before crossing the line.

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