Saturday, January 14, 2012

Controversy Creates......?

Eric Bischoff's book claims that "Controversy Creates Cash", but many of you who've been reading this blog long enough know that I say sometimes controversy creates complications. Not surprisingly, WWE has decided to induct The Four Horsemen stable into their Hall of Fame. What IS surprising is that Ric Flair, one of the original members, is slated to be at the Hall of Fame ceremony to accept the award alongside his former teammates. Additionally, he has stated he will be there in spite of what TNA officials may have to say to the contrary.

To stir the pot a bit, Hulk Hogan has announced his return in Impact in tapings to come in England at the end of the month. To further add to his return, he'll have no hair as he's shaving the head bald and no trademark handlebar moustache. What will his new role be? I have no idea, I just know he'll be in attendance in London.

Another thing to consider.....this year is TNA's 10 Year Anniversary. Have they announced where the party is going to be? Nope. Not yet. I can pretty much guarantee myself into the number of celebrants so far to date, as for where everything is going down? My first guess is The Asylum in Nashville, which would be an AMAZING trip all around. I promise more information once I can get the details.....

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