Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Countdown to the....Save Us Code.....Do You Understand?

Money. I'm convinced he's only around for the money. This is his second return, making a total of three runs with WWE. The thing about this run is....I really am finding it hard to care. He's beginning to remind me of Brett Favre. The grandiose is getting old and I daresay, so is the hype for every one of WWE's veterans, mostly because there are so few of them and they haven't brought very many back that they have fired from the Attitude Era and the beginning of the Brand Extension.

Granted, he can still work a match, but had they just said he was coming back, it would have generated more than enough fanfare. The 6 weeks worth of cryptic messages and all the speculation was wasted, in my humble opinion...money spent just because they can. Most everyone knew it was going to be him. And what is he coming back for? His reputation? CM Punk has him in some serious jeopardy now, claiming to be the "best in the world". I realize I'm not very good at hiding my sarcasm.

I have very little joy left for the land in Connecticut as they have taken this Piece of Garbage (PG) product and siphoned some of the best things out, leaving only the campy, predictable, promo laden product that barely keeps things inside the ring. Am I upset? You're absolutely right, I am. I was watching this thing at it's best, when tag teams had entered a new renaissance, as did the Divas Division; we were spoiled. I was convinced it would never end.....

If the WWE veterans who now call TNA home were to up and leave tomorrow for WWE once more, I would probably stop watching wrestling for good. Seriously. It would mean that WWE has finally decided to end it all. By tying their hands behind their backs and expecting them to operate under the iron blanket of the PG environment, when they'd been allowed to utilize so much more in the years before, it would cripple them. Imagine Anderson PG. How about Kurt Angle without intensity. Could you imagine it? Neither could I. Speaking of Angle, I remembered I had seen it a while ago and it just popped into my head......enjoy.

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