Monday, January 2, 2012


With the holidays riggers behind me, I'm back to full strength and ready to jump back into this thing with both feet. Having said that, I've not lost track of things in the companies who are, even now, in deadlock with their top stories. TNA is continuing to find ways to make Bobby Roode look like a credible champion, which I thought would be a difficult thing. Come to find, his recent allegiance with Bully Ray is giving him some credibility....and a bit more story to run with as things ramp up for Against All Odds, which promises to be an even bigger event than Genesis will be.

Did anyone else have gasping laughter when Sting mocked Madison Rayne at the beginning of Impact this past week? I thought I was going to die. Knockouts in the main event.....who would have thought that would happen? I did....that's who. TNA has given a great opportunity to showcase the best women's performers in the world and Gail and Mickie delivered a great match. Who was beneath the mask? I've been hearing that Melina has arrived.....could that mean Jo Mo is in tow? Maybe.

In WWE's news, the spoiler mills are in full swing, with most of the attention being directed towards Chris Jericho. However, not escaping the rumors, Brock Lesnar's retirement has brought him to the forefront as well. Who is behind the cryptic messages? UFC President Dana White states that Brock is still under contract with his organization, so even if a return were imminent, it would not be tonight, or so it would appear. That would leave the vehemently denying Jericho as the most obvious choice. HOWEVER, none of this is a lock as WWE is keeping the mystery arrival a closely guarded secret, but rest assured, there will be little surprise who the mystery component is once his or her arrival is upon us.....the announced main event will spoil everything. If we're looking at CM Punk? Expect Jericho.....period.

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