Sunday, January 22, 2012

Divas vs. Knockouts.....Ladder Edition

I held off writing this because I wanted to get some facts straight before I launched onto yet another of my little WWE vs. TNA campaigns. In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, an interview with Natalya and Beth Phoenix revealed that they want to be the first Divas to ever compete in a Ladder Match and are launching efforts to convince upper echelons of management to that end. When news of this reached my ears, my first thought is that TNA could make that happen without hesitation by putting together a Ladder Match to trump ANYTHING WWE could possibly come up with.

IF WWE were to give Beth and Natalya what they're asking for and IF, for the sake of argument, things go without a hitch, what then? Does the Divas Division get a new wrinkle? Does their status quo change even the slightest once the lights are out for the PPV it is featured on? My short answer is MAYBE. Vince's hatred for the division is seasonal. He loves the ratings pop that SOMETIMES comes from the division, but he is sexist. It's true. Look it up. There are reported cases of sexual harassment from former Divas under his employ going back over 20 years. He loves to look and yet shows no faith in the division beyond the occasional risque spot under PG format magnifying glasses.

Enter TNA. If there was another company IN THE WORLD capable of putting together a bigger and better example of how to perform this kind of match- CORRECTION- there IS no other company who could pull off this kind of stunt in the public eye. Beth and Natalya are PHENOMENAL athletes and have as good a chance as any on the WWE payroll of pull off this kind of match, but TNA does this kind of thing as a general rule of operation. They know how to showcase their women's division better....period. Put Gail Kim, Tara, Angelina, and anyone else who thinks they can do this kind of thing and give them the best trainers money can buy to prepare them for it. Let's think about this for a moment.....Jeff Hardy, Al Snow, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, The former Team 3D, the list of possible mentors is ASTRONOMICAL and no one can dispute it. Whether you're talking about a tag team variation of the Ladder Match or a multiple player format for the Knockouts Title, TNA is the place for this kind of match to truly deliver the goods.

The comparison of the amount of time will tell how much faith either company is willing to invest in their respective division. I believe that kind of match should be given a solid 20-25 minute spot. Planning this kind of match is absolutely critical and TNA management knows it, which is why we have seen very few dangerous matches involving the Knockouts in recent for the Daffney razor wire spot.....look it up. Mark my words, if WWE wants to play, TNA can play this one in spades.....

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