Monday, January 23, 2012

Fast Facts......

Eric Bischoff's WWE tenure.....

- Introduced the first Women's Cage match between Victoria and Lita in 2007.
- Was the innovator of the Elimination Chamber
- Reintroduced a retired WCW Title that is now being defended to this day.
- Co-General Manager shared duties with Stone Cold Steve Austin

And now he works for TNA? Seems to me that WCW needed to go down in order for his master work to truly shine. Just food for thought, nothing more.

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  1. dude wcw went down because of when russo was there that bastard put his hands on me cause he walked by i said you killed nitro and he went nuts grabbin and hittin me bischoff was godsend when he returned to wcw and tna the only time i lost respect for him is when he went to the wwe that was like a stab in wcws back