Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Further Explanation....

If you read my previous post, you're probably thinking "FRICK! This guys is off his rails with hatred for WWE! He doesn't think there is ANYTHING redeeming, does he?!" This is the post that sets it all straight for you guys. I wrote a post a long while back called "How to Save WWE" and there were a bunch of you who enjoyed what I had to say. Since that time, however, my thoughts have moved past some of the criticisms of that day. In fact, this post is going to give the brights spots and THEN shine on the dark ones, so without any further dalliances, here we go......

CM Punk......This guy is quite possibly the most critical piece of the new generation of WWE. When they put him into a feud with someone strong, like a Randy Orton (nevermind my dislike of him outside the ring) or even a John Cena, he shines like the sun. When you put him into the mix against a weak persona like Del Rio or someone of that caliber, it's like performing in a vacuum. His charisma is siphoned from segments the both of them are a part of and people want to see something compelling.

Daniel Bryan....Perhaps the most underutilized member of the upper card, Bryan is a wrestling machine who has a great deal to offer WWE right now. He, even now, is learning how to work the main event level and, when allowed to do so, is able to showcase a style a few shades different from what normal WWE fans are used to seeing. Triple H would have people believe that the independent circuit style matches aren't what WWE should showcase, but I would contest that what guys like Bryan, Punk, and even the lower card guys like Bourne bring to the table is the "Holy crap!" factor WWE is missing right now.

Wade Barrett....I feel bad for Wade. I really do. He has been bludgeoned with the glass ceiling so many times that I've lost track. He should be in the main event tomorrow....I mean that. He has charisma and an ability on the microphone to make people listen, regardless of what he can't teach charisma, only psychology, and he could put on a clinic if given the opportunity to do just that. He can lead a faction, he can work a promo, he can wrestle a top notch match. Is there anything else needed to the recipe?

Air Boom....This is a bright spot tarnished from the inside. Evan Bourne needs to get his head on straight and buckle up because this is a POPULAR tag team, which is a rarity in these days for WWE. Triple H has gone on record saying that it is his goal to rebuild the Tag Team Division. Unfortunately, a division like that is only as good as those in the employ of a decent push. Air Boom as the cover team is quite possibly the best decision WWE could make.

Now for the me, this will be painless....unless you enjoy the PG way of doing things.

1. The main event is it. You want to know what I mean? Go to ANY PPV over the course of the past year and compare it to Wrestlemania X-7. For those paying attention, that card had Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock and HHH vs. The Undertaker for the 1st time. You know what else it had? TLC between three of the best Tag Teams WWE has ever had.....the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boys, and E&C. Nowadays, the undercard is the portion given less time and less development. Change it or give up the entire enterprise.

2. Give up the Divas Division. Bring back the Women's Division. This title was held by the best WWE ever had....Trish Stratus, Lita, Sable, Ivory, Molly Holly, and Chyna. Put a spotlight on Beth Phoenix and Natalya and STOP FEEDING THEM TO THE MODELS!!!! If you want a Women's Division, develop characters and scout them in the indies. Don't teach them how to take a bump, they know how to do that already. Let them do what they know and teach them how to succeed.

3. Make the undercard shine. There was a time when the Intercontinental Title was fought over by Triple H, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels, now it's been arranged as a second rate title. That's not necessary, nor is it fair. Make the 'lesser' title the main event on a PPV....would it really hurt that bad? Wrestlemania X featured 2 main event championship matches under normal rules, but the only match people remember is an Intercontinental Title match defended in a Ladder Match.

The main event will take care of itself. WWE has a tendency to put together something for the main event at the expense of the undercard, so I have no doubt they can cinch up the slack. We've seen better....Wrestlemania X-Seven was arguably the best card they've put together in the past 20 years....I expect more from you guys, WWE.

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