Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If You Won't Use Them......

I've been scouring the WWE roster page and have noticed some characters they have that they are doing absolutely nothing with. Of these wrestlers, I have chosen how best to use them and paired them off with TNA's finest who are also facing some down time.

- Trent Barretta, Tyler Reks, Justin Gabriel, Curt Hawkins, and Ezekiel Jackson are on tap for this one, so strap up and sit tight......

First, I want to see what he can do as a singles performer....I mean cut the strings and let him go. If he can work it on his own, I say let him run for the TV Championship. If he can't, have him work with Trent Barretta as a tandem as Trent has always struck me as a tag team tactician.

Tyler Reks is an easy one. He needs a dark character to run with. You could run him face with Jeff Hardy as a "Creature of the Night" or you run him heel with Abyss. His character would put together a pretty epic battle with either star as face or heel. Fact is, if one of those is his first feud, continue the storyline with Joe or Daniels. Pair him with Winter and you can run him alongside Gunner. I've had my sights on Reks for quite some time and if WWE won't use him, TNA could.

Justin Gabriel is a natural X Division choice, but I could see him becoming every bit the performer AJ Styles has been. He's a little bit bigger than the usual X Division competitor, which lends itself to a tag title or secondary title. Someday, if he DOES reach the plateau of Styles, give him the big gold.

Ezekiel Jackson, if given some in depth mic training with a guy like Anderson, Flair, Hogan, or Bully Ray, could become what Monty Brown should have been.....a shoe-in for the Heavyweight Title. A guy with the size and build of Big 'Zeke is rare and WWE has flubbed his pushes EVERY TIME he's had one given to him. Don't worry, Vince.....we'll use him right.

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