Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Journey.....

So here we are....set up for the Road to Wrestlemania. But more importantly than that, we're getting ramped up for a battle of storylines. TNA is working hard to try and put together some feuds that promise to have some staying power. We haven't seen the last of Jeff Hardy as the object of a top tier feud. Angle is taking time away, but this is NOT saying he'll be out for long. Roode will remain in the top tier, if not champion going into next months' PPV. And the rest of Fortune will be circling like sharks for the time being.

In WWE, I can't help but feel sorry for Brodus Clay. This guy has been getting the shaft for almost 2 months. I would be livid if I were him right now. You're a beast, they're pushing you as one on the promos and on your scheduled debut, they boot you and continue to boot you until everyone has forgotten. It sickens me, to be blunt. He was scheduled to make his debut this week, but was, once again, pushed to the side in favor of other plans.

Jericho's return was built and then his arrival bored me to tears. I know that was the plan, to make Jericho the heel by overstaying without talking, but it was 11 MINUTES I'LL NEVER GET BACK! I am not kidding about this, he postured for just about all that time....beckoning for the crowds' affections. In a 2 hour show, 11 minutes was just Jericho NOT talking. Add to that the nearly 15 minutes of John Cena at the beginning and you have almost 30 minutes of NON-action. If Vince's plan is to move away from the sports portion of "sports entertainment", he's on the right track.

Now, before anyone throws out an anti-TNA slur about their segments, I will interject that their spotlight seems to be shifting from place to place, making each division the focus as of recent. I have LOVED the Knockouts focus with the Title match in the main event from last week. Compound that with Sting's place as GM, which is the best face GM in pro wrestling since Jim Cornette was with TNA. I view this as much more than a simple issue of segment control. I am looking at all of this as story progression.

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