Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Losing It......

I gotta be honest guys, I may be losing it here. So much has been going on recently that I am having a tough time maintaining a daily or even weekly post here. I really do appreciate your patience. After the little time away, I've managed to get my hands on some pretty good intel, though.

1. Lockdown is scheduled to be shooting from Nashville. That's right. Home base. In the coming weeks, we'll see exactly where this ship is headed to better be able to run the course. So much for the 6 man main event I predicted a couple of short months ago up until recently......at least until Slammiversary.

2. Evan Bourne is on his second strike on the WWE Wellness Policy. This means he's GOT to straighten up or risk blowing his career with WWE. Strike number 2 equals 60 days out of commission. Air Boom is dead, unless Vince has some very good reasons for keeping them together. Under the circumstances, however, it seems like cutting losses might be the best course of action.

3. Did anyone see Big Show wreck AJ's train? Seriously.....she got worked like a day job, ladies and gentlemen.....need proof?

That kind of bump is pretty nasty, considering he outweighs her by nearly a quarter ton. That's like being hit with a mattress attached to a semi. Not so good. I bet the next few meals are served through a straw.

As we draw nearer to the 10 Year Celebration TNA is cooking up, I'm getting psyched. The deal they'll be offering to partake in the festivities is going to be more than I can refuse.

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