Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Double Standards....

Chris Jericho.
Brodus Clay.

Right now, I am getting very tired of hearing the "Wait and see what happens" argument from fans of both of these guys. These are the same people who called for Hogan and Bischoff's releases before their first month was over. I still stand by their play calling, by the way. Since the addition of Bruce Pritchard as the head of creative, TNA has been more focused and more oriented towards the casual wrestling fan.....period.

This not withstanding, had TNA fans like myself listened when haters told us to leave TNA behind and let them burn, we might not be enjoying the success they're having now. A great many columnists tout TNA's improvements and I could list them here if need be. My point is, waiting to see what happens when a HUGE character swerve makes a character go from dangerous to goofy without ever being physically on camera is a bit too optimistic. This choice was high risk right out of the gate. Clay did everything in his power to make it work, but I doubt very much that anything whatsoever will come of his work here.

Chris Jericho has been a waste of time. Simple as that. He's done NOTHING but posture to the crowd and not talk. He mock 'cried' on camera just this week. I'm not impressed. WWE hasn't done anything to make me care about Jericho. At all. No matches. No interference. No backstage segments to speak of. Nothing but him in front of the fans taking time from more hungry talent. Wait and see? Nah....I'll pass. I was excited at one point, but they lost me. They had two weeks to showcase him and did nothing with the time.

TNA is due to have another debut. I missed out on my last prediction for TNA, but out of the 8 possible first time debuts, I did have 7 right. That's gotta count for something. In any case, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that TNA is pretty satisfied right now with the people they have, but I am still predicting about 4 or 5 more debuts. I'm saying two high profile stars for the top gold and X Title respectively, one more Knockout and one more tag team. My turn to say it. Just wait and see what happens.....

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