Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Year's Predictions.....

Since January isn't over yet, I've decided to throw out my predictions for the year. To that end, I have to ask, when I predicted TNA firing up a new show, I didn't even consider them creating a new market in India, but does that count? Really? Now the idea sounds a bit tough to figure into the equation.....unless they overhaul Xplosion, which they SHOULD. In fact, that will be my first prediction.

1. TNA will overhaul Xplosion and put it either on Spike weekly or streaming on This move seems to be a fairly safe bet as they need to use their roster to it's full potential. There should be no dark corner for anyone to hide in, like WWE has. It will further force a gap between TNA and WWE's television programming.

2. TNA will welcome 2 big returns and 5 actual debuts, making 7 full-time additions to supplement their roster. Within this grouping, I'm going to suggest 2 returning X Division stars to offset Kid Kash's most recent injury. To round out the list, I'll predict the reformation of at least one tag team from TNA's past to help revitalize that division.

3. TNA will see a ratings surge once March rolls around, with momentum carrying them all the way to Bound for Glory.

4. Slammiversary will be HUGE, with some pretty big fireworks. TNA's 10 year HAS to be big as a landmark and you can bet there will be a spectacle surrounding it. If they can land some attention, they stand a good chance to catch some of the disgruntled WWE fanbase, who are just about to stop watching wrestling altogether. Eric and Hulk have GOT to capitalize here and I predict they'll do just that.

5. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Crimson, and Matt Morgan will all be main event players this year, exchanging respectable length title reigns amongst each other. While Crimson and Morgan will only make this prediction come true if TNA can refuel the Tag Team Division, I see no reason for them not to be able to make it happen on both fronts.

That's all I feel confident about predicting for the moment, but rest assured, I'll keep the lights on all of these predictions as the year goes on. In any case, I'm stoked to see what is coming for the year as I believe this is the best time in the past decade to be a wrestling fan, with one company on the rise while the other tries to stay afloat long enough to bring up a new star to light the way.

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