Monday, January 30, 2012

The Peasant Rumble.....

Why call it the Peasant Rumble? Because there was no royalty to be found on the card. I feel bad to say it too, because this is usually the only event I look forward to watching, just to see people who spend most of their time riding the pine and it gives them the chance to get a payday out of the deal. Of the people who came as surprises to the crowd, Road Dogg surprised me most. BG James had been a big part of the success of TNA, as a member of a VERY successful tag unit with 3 Live Krew and the James Gang.

My thoughts on the entire thing are like this......if WWE had been priming their young talents riding the bench instead of making John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, and Alberto Del Rio the focal points for nearly the entire year last year, this might have been a GREAT PPV. In fact, if they'd been working at it for the 2 or 3 years before now, it'd be worth a million bucks, but they have been squandering their roster to such a criminal degree that this Rumble felt like shopping for talent at a garage sale.

I used to get a charge out of watching the Rumble match, mostly because it seemed like you knew a few people wouldn't get a true shot, but you also knew that whoever DID win the thing would be guaranteed at least an interesting story leading up to Wrestlemania. With this Rumble, they had a list of nobody performers sparsely sprinkled with main eventers. I truly want to see WWE shake off the shackles that so greatly bind them to make this wrestling fan torn about what to watch on a Monday or Friday night, but until that time, I'll be sticking to Netflix to watch shows more worth my time.

*Spoiler Alert*
Now, TNA is in the best position, because in three weeks, WWE has their last PPV until April 1st. That means they have no PPV in March to divide the audience. IF they can deliver the goods at Against All Odds, which consists of.....
- a Fatal Four Way in the main event
- Tara competing against Gail Kim for the Knockouts belt
- the Tag Team Titles being chased by Magnus and Samoa Joe
-the X Title being both defended by Aries against a returning Alex Shelley
 AND a #1 Contenders match between Zema Ion and Jesse Sorenson.

There is no reason TNA can't step it up and do some magic for this event to gain a foothold to shut up the naysayers. All they need is a bit of momentum and with the UK tapings as a great launching pad towards Against All Odds and a stacked card to boot, there should be sufficient momentum to be had.

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