Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Reports within the walls of the Titan Tower are suggesting that Evan Bourne, who is still serving out his 60 day suspension, may not be brought back to television at all. While the report is still new and unconfirmed, the report states that the first suspension is "completely unrelated" to the second.

My own personal commentary on the subject is that he pissed off the wrong people. If I had been in a similar position, my offense would have had to be giving unwanted advice. Just a thought. WWE doesn't know what they are giving up here. Air Boom could still exist, but without Bourne, there is an element that would be missing. No matter what the loss, however, as CM Punk has said, "The wheels will just keep turning" and everything will cover up the fact that Evan Bourne, who is Matt Sydal, is also out of a job.

Where does he turn? Every time someone is released from WWE, I wonder if there was training they missed out on because of their size, shape, or ring presence. Yes, it's the job of the head of talent relations to determine whether or not someone has the "X Factor" to put them into the top tier straightaway, but in recent years, the formula for that factor has changed. No longer can they simply jump off of ladders or put people through tables in order to make a name for themselves, like the Hardys did or the Dudley's in years past. No longer can they continuously put their bodies in harm's way like a Mick Foley. Was Evan Bourne fun to watch? ABSOLUTELY. The question is, though.....could he have been something more than merely sideshow?

Ask Jeff Hardy. Ask Randy Orton. Ask anyone in TNA OR WWE who was known as a tag team tactician before reaching the top if they ever thought they would be anything more than a sideshow attraction. For a long time, the answer would have had to be 'NO'. Ask the same thing about those who never did reach that top tier. John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Billy Gunn, BG James....the list is longer than I care to run with. My answer is that they SHOULD HAVE BEEN on the top tier, but never were afforded the chance to shine as singles OR were buried to such a degree that a build-up would have been a futile exercise.

So where does Matt Sydal go? My first suggestion is TNA, now that Kid Kash is injured. This might give him a place to fit in as the best in a particular division. HOWEVER, with rosters not taking on a lot of outside talents in recent times, my guess is that it'll take 6 months anyway before we know for sure.

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