Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Realists vs. Optimists.....

WWE......I've been hard on them, even sometimes brutal. Some would go so far as to call my shots at the Stamford based titan unfair. I respect these points of view, I even would have echoed them in waves during the various high times of last year, but with the burial and subsequent nothingness reigns of CM Punk, the non-heel turn of John Cena, and the most recent cease-fire of the Ryder Revolution, I'm more than ever convinced that WWE is on the downturn.

Some will praise the return of Brodus Clay as a herald to WWE's expansive creative writing staff, who are, even now, creating an army of equally colorful characters to load into their roster, but when your most popular tag team is destroyed from within, your most talented women's performers are being fed to the resumes of the undeserving, and your most socially and techno saavy member of the undercard has been dismantled and demoted, there simply doesn't seem to be much to leave for the grandest stage on Earth to showcase. The Rock vs. John Cena, Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk, and a potential rehashing of HHH vs. The Undertaker; the card is the last potentially ground-breaking PPV WWE has in its tank. I use the term ground-breaking INCREDIBLY loosely, by the way.

Don't get me wrong....the ride will be filled with humor (see The Rock vs. Cena), one-upmanship (see CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho), and high stakes (Triple H vs. The Undertaker), but after the smoke has cleared, The Rock will return to Hollywood; Chris Jericho will go back on tour with Fozzy; and one or both Triple H and The Undertaker will be headed into wrestling retirement. Who remains to carry the banner?

John Cena? Randy Orton? How about the new bloods? Wade Barrett? Daniel Bryan? CM Punk? Del Rio? The unsung heroes WWE has trainwrecked along the way are immaterial; Christian, Kane, and Rey Mysterio have given their best, but have never been given their dues.....not properly, not fully, and most of all, not without sacrificing a great deal of dignity in the process.

While the vast viewership of WWE watch with breathless anticipation for the show they about to be given, realists who see the smoke and mirrors are calling their bluff and pointing to the 2 bastions for professional wrestling who aren't timid about using the term......Ring of Honor and TNA.

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