Sunday, January 8, 2012


I realize that these posts are a bit erratic, but there is a reason for it....with the news being as sparse as it has been and TNA's white tower holding tight grips on every development coming out of their creative meetings, there is simply not much in the news WWE has that I'm terribly interested in....I'll give you some highlights...

Ultimate Warrior and Kevin Nash are in internet wars, casting insults and challenges that neither party is going for each direction. Nash made the challenge for a 100, 000 dollar MMA-style event days before Wrestlemania IN Miami. Offers were made to Nash and Warrior regarding possible venues and, as of yet, everything is at a stand still. My take on it? Nash seems willing, but Warrior is nothing more than an armchair quarterback who has gripes with just about every old school veteran in the business and sees fit to do little more than posture and talk. Nothing will come of it. Do I care? Nope.

Jericho the Mute stills says nothing.

One thing that DOES interest me is that TNA will hold their first ever Impact broadcast outside the US in Wembley Arena in London, England later this month. Every top star is slated to be there to celebrate the event. Me? I'm looking forward to the event as it will prove that TNA is looking to expand out a little more and reach their European audience. Still waiting for them to come further north here in the States, but this is a wonderful gesture and will, hopefully serve them well as they move forward with things.

As for more meaningless drab? Bill Goldberg, whose opinion of Vince McMahon I share, has shown interest in coming out of retirement to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, should he return to WWE's ranks. Additionally, when a fan said that he should have speared Jericho when he wasted 11 minutes of Raw last Monday he responded with a resolute...."Would have been my pleasure."

The more that is added to the Wrestlemania card the less excited I am in the way things are looking to play out. So much fat on the card and not enough substance. Here are some things to expect, just to ruin the festivities.

- A worthless Divas match where there is no real competition for a title.
- Potentially Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes......and I thought it got better after Cena vs. Rock....wrong.
- Cena will beat the Rock and turn heel for the first time in nearly a decade. To bad they didn't play the card when they had it at Survivor Series....what a waste.
- CM Punk vs. Chris oddball choice of posturing, considering Punk used to be the strong, silent type and kept his mouth shut and NOW Jericho is playing that role and Punk can't keep his mouth shut....not that he needs to. Personally, I want to see a war of words AND fisticuffs, but I digress.
- WWE is trying to bring in another Jersey Shore personality in to work a program with Zack Ryder.....The Situation. Seriously. First Snooki and now The Situation. Are you guys intentionally trying to drive your biggest PPV into the ground?

Wrestlemania USED to be where feuds go to die or to begin, but as of yet, I have seen so little that holds my attention, I won't be watching anything more than highlights, which should more than satisfy my WWE watching for the year. Way to ruin my excitement, guys.

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