Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Lane Highway.....

There is a steady line of people looking to come into TNA or looking at bringing a friend of theirs into the company. While the list is rather long of people wanting in, there only seems to be one person wanting out right now to go back to WWE.....Rob Van Dam. I am at a loss as to why anyone would want to leave, other than the contract guarantee WWE provides legends. Rob certainly fits the bill of a legend, but if recent months has taught anything, it's that his ability to go is waning. Nearly into his mid-40's, Van Dam is running on his last legs, just like many of the Attitude Era performers. The difference between he and they is that he isn't a top tier guy. TNA and WWE may have had him booked that way for a time, and I may catch some flack for saying it, but RVD is a upper midcard talent...not the main event anymore.

As for those looking to come in? I'm glad you asked.....

Chavo Guerrero.....His time with TNA's India promotion has given him a newfound vigor for the business he had been lacking in years past, or at least that's what he's said on his Twitter page. I look for him to jump into Mexican America sooner than later to revive the now dead establishment.

Ken Doane.....the former Kenny Dykstra of Spirit Squad fame has been trying to get into TNA since his release from WWE a few years back. Unfortunately for him, TNA has not shared his optimism in his abilities as a compelling performer.

Tara has been wanting to bring Jillian Hall into TNA for a while now, but after the birth of her last baby, Hall has gained some weight and she's had some concern about getting back into ring shape in light of that fact.

Kurt Angle has had his eyes on a few former and current WWE performers; among them have been Chris Jericho, Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin. All of these performers have opted not to join up with the company and resigned with their current employers- Jericho with WWE and the World's Greatest Tag Team with ROH.

There was a time when Matt Hardy was pushing to get Lita employed in TNA, but she wisely decided to run against the rumors and not join up. Why do I say wisely? Since Matt's TNA employment, his downward spiral has been VERY well publicized. Then again, in the days before the Slammy Awards, she was arrested for DUI. Go figure.

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