Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I Talk WWE.....

On the boards I read daily, I keep getting asked the same question over and over again....."Why do you talk about WWE so much when you're clearly a TNA guy?" The answer to this question is longer than you might imagine.....SO I've decided to answer that question here to silence the question once and for all. I will, after this column, refer anyone asking that question here in the future. I have copy and paste on standby. Without any further delay, here we go......

Okay, I've made it very clear that I am NOT a fan of what Vince McMahon has done to the WWE product since I left that camp years ago. NEVERTHELESS, most of the general professional wrestling public, whether due to habit or hope for the future of the product, still follow the larger WWE brand. My quest has been to turn people toward the TNA brand, but I've come to the conclusion that putting their backroom and decision-making errors on display is every bit as important as glorifying the better brand.

There is another reason, in addition. WWE creates more news. Seriously.....go to any professional wrestling website that covers BOTH companies and you'll find a great deal more news coming from WWE's side of things than from TNA. Why? The answer to that is two fold.

1. WWE has it's hands in more things than TNA.
2. WWE has a longer history than TNA.

Never mind that WWE has the larger roster. That doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that WWE is on the verge of falling down. I've been telling you all that bringing in Attitude Era stars under PG format is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound and after Wrestlemania, we'll see just how true it was. WWE ALWAYS (at least after the debut of Goldberg, which launched a surge of popularity) has run into a slump after Wrestlemania and it lasts about 2 months, which is the entire build towards Summer Slam. Why? Because almost every feud has a deadline.....a place where WWE management believes a feud should end. Most of the time, a feud goes to either Survivor Series or Wrestlemania. Those that run to Wrestlemania have the same formula....embarrass the opponent on the "grandest stage of them all". It's a very old formula that WWE has employed for many years.

I believe it to be a job of mine to report the downturn in efforts to bring in the unsatisfied masses leaving WWE's circle to find another bastion of relief.....TNA. Tides are turning, folks, and I am in a good position of calling it play-by-play. That's why I talk about WWE so much.

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  1. I do the same and am behind you 100% when I first met Vince he looked at me and called me a"piss ant fan that wasn't worth his time" and that was after being introduced by his son Shane whom I have a great deal of respect for but am determined to see the WWE crumble and TNA succeed where they keep failing now granted I don't like russo anymore than mcmahon but I can tolerate it as long as bischoff is around keep on spreading the word and lets bring vince to his knees