Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are You Serious.....

If you were wondering if WWE ever thinks of TNA as a threat, you need look no further than the second episode of their YouTube show called "Are You Serious?". In this episode, they put up footage blunders and old promos for Hulk Hogan AND Sting. The goal is to put on display some of the worst of the worst and they come up with stuff that isn't as bad as stuff from their first episode.

In any case, one of the co-hosts is none other than BG James of former 3 Live Krew fame in TNA. His storied career as a member of D-Generation X's reboot squad brings him right back full circle to WWE once more as a trainer of sorts. In fact, he was doing training with the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay, whose character has been put on ice for him to go back and get more in ring training in FCW. That fact alone should make the footage on that show.

Whatever the case, WWE is putting together a slight smear campaign for TNA's resident legends and I, for one, am not worried in the least. In fact, a spotlight like that may even help the cause by fans wondering what happened to them and finding them on a show that looks a lot like RAW did back in 2002, which was a VERY good year, by my own reckoning. With a host of footage from fan favorites like Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and Devon, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Pope Dinero, Matt Morgan, and a few others, I think it clear that WWE could make attempts all day to discredit TNA's Champions, but when the smoke has cleared, they are the ones struggling to make Santino Marella look like anything other than an undeserving circus clown with no business lacing up the boots of Randy Orton let alone replacing him in a match of any kind. I'm just saying.....

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