Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dave, Santino, and Wanderings.....

Okay, I've been sitting on this for a few hours to let the anger wear off, but it still hasn't. Randy Orton's replacement for the Elimination Chamber is a guy who is a freaking clown. That's guessed it....Santino Marella. Santino Freaking Marella. I say it over and over in my head and it still feels wrong. I don't recall feeling such anger over a decision that makes no sense. Not only is Santino not on the same page as the rest of the guys in the match, he's not reading the same BOOK. What the white tower is thinking, I'll never know. All I know is that they are out of their ever-loving minds......writers....Vince....all of them have taken leave of their senses.

Speaking of creative teams, TNA welcomes Dave Lagana of WWE Creative Team fame circa 2002 to 2008. It's nice to see ANOTHER Attitude Era writer come into the fold. Now, before you go and tell me that 2002 wasn't a part of the Attitude Era, I would venture to you that all the way until the announcement was made to begin the brand extension, that it WAS. The announcement was made the night that a certain man was named as the GM of RAW. You might know him.....Eric Bischoff. In my humble opinion, he was the best GM RAW ever had because he made things interesting. He made you root for the good guys to win out despite the odds.

Here's where my predictions come in. According to in his words:

I leave Ring of Honor Wrestling to tackle new challenges. I've accepted a position as Director of Creative Writing with TNA Wrestling. My duties will be to focus solely on the development of new wrestling shows beyond the Impact Wrestling show. I'm excited to see what the future holds and thank everyone for the support over not only the last nine months of this site but through my entire career.

That's right guys.....I've been saying it. Now is where it happens. A brand new show is on the horizon and it's attached to the TNA name. Here. Not abroad. You know they've needed it. Now they can use every part of their roster and truly fill out the landscape with a story for every title and people to fight for them.

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