Monday, February 20, 2012


For those of you who have no idea what facepalm is, let me explain. You know those times where something goes wrong and you can do nothing else but put your hand over your face? THAT is facepalm, folks, and WWE is loaded with it. Coming out of Elimination Chamber, it has become obvious to me a couple of things.

1. A sideshow stooge like Santino Marella, whose antics are fitting of the PG rating, can get over with an increasingly fickle WWE fanbase.

2. Kane, who has been in year's past one of the most violent characters in WWF history, can be made to look about as threatening as a newly weened puppy.

No title changes, no surprises, no nothing. I give up, guys. I look at this dying breed of WWE veterans and I see what they're bringing up the ranks and I shake my head in disgust. Santino?! Really?! I still can't get past that one, by the way. In any case, it seems that just when I believe that the WWE I grew up watching was beginning to creep back in, it's snatched out from under me like a slick rug.

GEEZ, Tactix, what do you want from them?

I want to see a Divas match that reminds me of Lita vs. Trish or Victoria vs. Molly Holly or Gail Kim vs. Melina. I want to see an actual slugfest involving weapons between them (Survivor Series 2002; I love you for that one, Tara). I want to see a story brewing between the female performers instead of generic promos with virtually no build for any championship bouts.

I want to see the Kane that eliminated 11 competitors in the Royal Rumble and took on the Undertaker in an Inferno Match, not the Kane that can be stifled by John Cena.

I want to see the changes CM Punk promised. In fact, I look at CM Punk as a man who is standing in a room filled with lesser thans. I want to see something extreme. I want to see Laurenitis go absolutely mad and throw his weight around, forcing Punk into a Lumberjack Match against Brock Lesnar AND Batista, handicap-style. While I understand that one is impossible, you guys get my point. I want the intensity back that came from high impact (no pun intended) action and suspense. You can't teach that to most of the guys WWE has in their stables.

The Wrestlemania card is stacked up to the rafters, making the days that follow even tougher to capitalize on.

Rock vs. Cena
Taker vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the X Factor
Punk vs. Jericho
Money in the Bank
Even Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan looks promising

The card looks good right now, on paper, but if all the matches deliver, WWE faces another problem, the days that follow. The day after Wrestlemania determines the direction it all runs.

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