Monday, February 27, 2012

Knocked Out....

This is a pitch for the Knockouts Division. Even as we speak, there is a great deal of pushing for the first ever Ladder Match in WWE by Natalya and Beth Phoenix. I'd like to toss a few names into the landscape here as to who should combat this small women's bout with one built to last involving 4 to 6. I'll even go so far as to give a 2 on 2 Tag Team bout as well as the 6 woman singles' bout.

I'd like to begin things by putting the names on the list.

Angelina Love....She's one of the best workers consistently and has been out of the limelight for a while, meaning that she's going to be a fresh face for this kind of match.

ODB.....She's durable, plain and simple. She can take a hit like a running back and keep ticking towards the goal line. I think she would make this match something special.

Gail Kim.....A high-flyer is something this match needs and I see no better competitor to fit the bill than Gail. She is a part of TNA history as the first woman champion to compete in a cage for the company and against Awesome Kong to boot.

Mickie James......She's been a part of TNA for enough time for me to be convinced that she'll work very hard to prepare for this kind of bout.

Velvet Sky.....I was hesitant to put her in for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which being that TNA will need a couple of people left out to perform the days following whichever the PPV featuring this bout takes place on. Since she's been improving in leaps and bounds for quite some time and since I can see some potential in more than one facet of the match, I put Velvet in this list.

Tara.......It would be stupid for me to not include a history maker like Tara. She's one of the best veterans in the business as a whole, let alone this match. She goes into it. Period.

I would like to include an X Factor to this match. I say make this a bout debuting a brand new Knockout, Melina. My tag team suggestion is ODB and Mickie James vs. The Beautiful People. I love the way it looks on paper and including Melina into the Beautiful People stable wouldn't be out of character. Additionally, it makes for a great story, where Winter becomes the scorned and enemy of Love, turning her attentions elsewhere.

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