Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making the TV Title Matter.....

I've been giving this a great deal of thought. The TV Title is replete with examples to illustrate that TNA has not invested the kind of time necessary to make this title matter to anyone. I won't lie, it puzzles me, to be sure. When the title was under the reign of AJ Styles and defended against the likes of Kevin Nash, Booker T and the Main Event Mafia, it was worth fighting over, but in years recent, the title has been repeatedly buried with subpar defenses and lengthy times of empty space, not defended at all.

With all of this not in dispute by any outlet I'm aware of, I suggest we have a look at a few possible contenders to liven up the landscape.....

Ken Anderson.....I've had Mr. Anderson as a suggestion for the Tag Team rejuvenation as well. Why? Because he's one of the most versatile performers TNA has and he's not being used anywhere as of this moment. Fact is, he makes people listen to him and he can make a reign look legitimate. Period. Using Ken as a launching pad to making good use of the belt is a respectable place to start.

Austin Aries......I can see a few of you scratching your heads, but you shouldn't be. The current X Division Champion is more than capable of making the TV Title worth a great deal. In fact, if Anderson and Aries ever engaged in a verbal war, even the shells would be worth fighting over. CM Punk would be jealous of the kind of ammunition these guys could drop on each other. Aries isn't a good champion....he's a GREAT champion. He, too, would make the title look good.

Daniels......He's an original, he's one of the best talkers TNA has....the man can do it all, and very nearly has, to be blunt. Put him into the running and you've got a volatile situation, to be sure. Bringing back the Fallen Angel persona and giving him a run would make the longtime TNA fanboys, like myself, mark out like a 16 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Kazarian.....I was a bit hesitant to put him in here, but with the kind of talent in here, I think he'd fit in quite nicely. His work in every facet he's been placed in has been virtually spotless. He's got a great set of accolades to his credit and he's another former champion to boot.

This round of guys looks a bit like an X Division who's who and I'd be hard pressed not to agree, but the truth is, every guy can carry a match. I even say it about Anderson, though it seems sometimes that he needs help maintaining his resolve. When he's good, he's one of the best, but when it appears that the feud is beneath him, he can get a bit sloppy. I put in the great mix of guys here who know how to consistently put together a great match because he may need that extra bit of help to cover any kind of blemish he may bring to the table.

I say do this up right away. If TNA can jump on this and put every guy here into the running for the TV Title, the reign of the Robbies will end and a new era will take it's place, one where the gold strap will mean something again.

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