Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Off the Deep End.....

I use the term "deep end" to be a bit facetious, because WWE is so shallow on their top tier. Why do I say so? Randy Orton was rushed off injured reserve to compete in the Royal Rumble when he wasn't scheduled to be cleared until a month later. As a result, he is once again back on the injured list following a convenient 'concussion' as reported by WWE.com.

To further illustrate my point, it's been suggested by officials to bring back Mark Henry, who is ALSO on injured reserve with a groin injury, early to fill in for the newly re-injured Orton. My question is simple. All of reports I'm reading suggest that Christian is set for a return. Why not put HIM into Orton's spot instead of rushing another guy off the reserve? LET YOUR ROSTER HEAL! Don't rush people off the bench when they still have muscle tears and tendon rips and the like. WWE is running the risk of damaging their roster beyond repair and, unless they can start thinking outside the box and pushing guys they perhaps might not have otherwise, locking themselves into a box with a glass lid.

I've been talking about Ezekiel Jackson for a long time, but let's really give him a look.....he was the last ECW Heavyweight Champion and Christian made him look like a million bucks in the match putting him there. When ECW went under, suddenly they had nothing for him and he's been a lower mid-card player ever since. But why? Seems to me he has the size and build Vince normally drools for. I can understand if he can't talk, but then Brock Lesnar really couldn't either, to be fair, and I'm as big of a fan of him as anyone. So he can't talk....so what? Give him a mouthpiece and let his actions speak for him.....doesn't sound too hard to me.

Bringing another face into the mix means a fully vested roster without much waste. Less waste is good right? TNA has 6 guys who could legitimately make a run for the World Heavyweight Title and a possible 3 on standby who could take over at a moment's notice. What's with WWE not pushing some of their guys? Seems to me that this is a no-brainer, but WWE has never listened to me before, why should they start now?

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