Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rebuilding a Tag Team Division......

I had initially wanted to write about rebuilding TNA's Tag Team Division, but on the heels of listening to an amazing CM Punk interview, I decided to throw caution into the wind and toss out my quick fix program for both WWE AND TNA.

Let's start with the bigger company. For whatever reason, Vince and company has this inexplicable rolling of the tides effect when it comes to their tag division. For a few years they'll have about 10 teams and then, whether in the draft or spring cleaning, 75 percent disappear. At Armageddon in 2006, they had a 4 Way Ladder Match; that's 8 guys, for those of you keeping count. The following year, however, the division splintered and was left with not enough to duplicate a match even half that size.

My suggestion? Put off the spring cleaning schedule and take the guys who are on the main roster, but not on TV and send them back to FCW. Experiment, tweak, fine tune, and then bring up tag teams, whether that means pulling together guys from that roster or mixing and matching them from who was brought down and repackage them. The whole idea is to bring back the Tag Team Division, but with so little to use to begin with and tag belts that rarely get defended anyway, I see no problem in taking 6 months with this endeavor, at least to get the ball rolling with a couple of well thought out tag teams.

Having said all of that, the question is, how do we reintroduce the revitalized division? I'm glad you asked. I say put together some kind of tag tournament, with only one bracket match each week, alternating between shows. This will mean one tag match on RAW and another the following week on Smackdown and so on. At this rate, they'll be able to fill out the roster slower, making each team the focal point of action on the respective show for the week. If they supplement this with vignettes for a couple of feature teams, all the better. It'll let fans know that a new era is truly being built up.

Okay, now that that's up to snuff, WWE Creative can take it from there.....

As for TNA....this one is far easier. Most of the work has already been done. By putting together Magnus and Joe in the Wild Card Tourney and breaking down the rest of the division, it gives more wiggle room to put things together. Here's my breakdown....

Kid Kash and Gunner
Robbie E. and Rob Terry
Pope Dinero and Daniels

This is one I want to talk about just a little bit. I want to bring someone out of obscurity, so I picked either Anthony Neese or Mark Haskins to place in training under Mr. Anderson. 'Ol Ken hasn't had much to do the past few weeks. He's been on the tour, but not on the tube. It'd be nice to see him as the Jedi master, overseeing the bringing up of an underling.

Any good Tag Team Division has at least 4 teams and, after these revisions, you'll have 5, counting Magnus and Joe and minus Crimson and Morgan, who will be off to bigger things. TNA needs less work because almost their entire roster has SOMEWHERE they can be used.

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