Friday, February 17, 2012

The State of TNA Address 2012......

I have come to you all to day to lay all cards on the table, as it were. I say we have look at what TNA's true state of affairs truly is. I want to dissect some of the complaints and expose either truth or fallacy. My journey begins first with the Knockouts Division.

I want to give a shout of respect to the women of this division. Truly this is the best place in the world to find beauty, charm, and talent. The characters are all distinctly different, which is something I CANNOT say for the Divas Division up in CT. My only complaint is the lack of continued focus on the Knockouts Tag Titles. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the titles at all, but if they want them to remain relevant to the product, they need to have the titles defended in a convincing way rather than as an afterthought.

Next up is the X Division. I want to give Jesse Sorenson some kudos for taking his licking like a man. He put himself on the line and that takes some guts. I truly wish him a speedy recovery and optimal healing conditions. With the exception of the events of last Sunday, the division has an amazing track record of delivering a flawless set of action packed matches. With phenomenal athletes rounding out a unique division to the world wrestling experience, TNA holds a trump card in the field.

Now, I want to talk about a soft spot. The TV Title. I'm not at all satisfied. The belt is rarely defended and, when it is, the finish is rarely clean. This belt was held by AJ Styles, for crying out loud, one of the greats on the entire roster and yet it's being treated as though it doesn't deserve to be fought over. If that's the way it's going to be viewed, I say axe the whole enterprise. BUT if you want people to take notice of another division, let's put one together with people who need something to fight for in the time they have in waiting for the top tier to sort itself out. Anderson, Morgan, Crimson, Devon, Pope.....the talent on the roster writes itself into a tremendous place provided you have a place to put them.

The Tag Team Division needs help, people. We all know it. TNA knows it. The wild card tourney was the minimize people noticing some of the talents' departures from the company. With one team dissolved entirely and another having not been revived, it makes sense to throw something together and see what develops. Hence Crimson/Morgan. That team was working. Joe and Magnus are now the force to be reckoned with and I think a name could be helpful to cementing themselves into a place on the TNA landscape. Undeniable, though, is the lack of teams to take up the slack. I say pull the Robbies off the TV Title scene and see how they manage on a more prominent level. I wouldn't be opposed either to a re-imagining of the Ink Inc. team with Shannon Moore and Kid Kash as the members. I'm also pushing to bring in Chavo back into the world television spotlight and united with Hernandez to reform LAX.

There are more TNA fans who have been loyal from the beginning than those in the office know. Hence there even being a 10 year anniversary this year. A few throwbacks might be nice to liven up the atmosphere. Let's bring back AMW. Let's bring back the Motor City Machine Guns. Why not have a true faction war with 4 factions vying for power? Let it build to a four way faction gimmick match. So many places we could take this, guys.

The top tier, the main event.....TNA has the best lineup of contenders right now as it relates to their World Title picture. The object of the game has been very simple.....remove Bobby Roode from power. I am truly enjoying the simplicity of the story here. It makes Roode look like he belongs in the main event full time and not just as a side show. The way he has played his heel card has been reminiscent of a HHH from 2002-2004. I see this picture getting more interesting by the week and month, as veterans and newbies are getting their moment in the sun. Truly this is the place where there is no glass ceiling, only a land of opportunity.

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