Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Status Quo.....

For those of you who read my little rant about WWE's lack of gusto, this might interest you. Over The Limit, the PPV replacing a former classic in Backlash is looking to feature Sheamus vs. Bryan vs. Orton for the World Heavyweight Title and John Cena getting yet another WWE Title shot. Ladies and gentleman, those of you wanting to ride out the waves might have to wait a while before you see any noticeable change in WWE's status quo.

If you needed any more proof of the status quo, WWE officials are now planning on moving any Divas competition from the card to a possible dark match before Wrestlemania. The commonly held belief is that a Divas match will take away time from the matches people really want to see. Now, I'm no fan of the Divas WWE has in their employ, with a few exceptions, but that attitude is just the kind of thing that will keep the division exactly as it is....filler.

For the record, anyone curious about Chris Brown will find it disappointing that there will be no MMA style match between CM Punk and the rapper. This leads me to a piece of advice for anyone posting in Twitter: take every comment with a grain of salt unless you're prepared to go the full 3 rounds. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

The ongoing quest to liberate the TNA World Heavyweight Title from the shoulder of Bobby Roode feels something like WWE circa 2002. If you recall, Triple H held the World Heavyweight Title from just after the brand extension in September until November and then from December all the way until November of 2003. TNA's plans are a great deal different, with Roode only lasting another couple of months as champion before going into the hunt once more.

The theory I had about Bully Ray taking the belt off of Roode may not play out, but I DO believe he'll make a run with the belt some time this year, even if only for a month or two. I also have hunch that we'll see a main event appearance from someone who has been typically viewed by some in the upper brass to be upper-mid card at best. Keep watching and you might see it coming.....or not.

I also look for a resurgence of the Tag Team Division, bringing in four teams to compete for the belts. Look for Chris Sabin to make his return in the coming months. Mike Tenay brought up the former MCMG member's name, stating that he is sidelined with a knee injury. Just the mention gives me the impression that he's only got a month or two of recuperation as they will want to have him back with some momentum going into Slammiversary.

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