Friday, March 30, 2012

Extensions and the Medalist....

If there was any doubt about TNA and Sting maintaining relations, I've just been given an update that he has extended his contract with them. The question remaining now, is how long the contract extension is set to last. I have confidences that the extension will last at least until next year's Bound for Glory, but the details will reveal themselves as the time gets closer to his initial contract end date.

On another note, Kurt Angle has suffered a hamstring injury that may sideline him from competing at this years' Olympic trials and, in turn, the games themselves. He holds that it's simply a tear, but an MRI scheduled today will reveal what manner of injury we're looking at. This will also determine exactly if and how he will be replaced in the match against Jeff Hardy at Lockdown.

Lastly, the Motor City Machine Guns were initially going to be facing Joe and Magnus for the Tag Team Titles, but since the face turn of the champions, plans have been revised. Now, their return is being altered...but again, time will tell the story. All will welcome the Guns, but the decision of how they will return is still up in the air. If it were me booking, I would turn the Tag Title match into a triple team dance in the cage, with Mexican America challenging Joe and Magnus and the Guns being the last minute entrants.

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