Monday, March 26, 2012

Extreme Rules.....

I've decided to take the gloves off today and throw around some names to assemble WWE's and TNA's finest names to compete for bragging rights. The PPV card I've put together is designed to put the best performers against their best opponents.

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle: Iron Man Match......Cena has competed in an Ambulance Match, TLC matches, Last Man Standing Matches and all other kinds of matches, but Angle was MADE for this kind of match. In a situation like this, all stops must be removed.

Kane vs. Abyss: Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore Rules.....This one is out of demented curiosity. Which guy is more sick in the head? Since the PG era has taken over the Red Machine's ability to truly matter against the more hostile Abyss, I felt the need to see just how far down WWE had sunk in the eyes of Kane.

AJ Styles and Daniels vs. Air Boom: Ultimate X.....I am stacking this deck for a reason. I know for fact that WWE isn't doing matches like these, which makes me question why. After all, TNA's finest are not only competing in matches like this, but they are also THRIVING on them. Daniels and AJ are THE guys to take the fight to the big E.

Devon vs. Cody Rhodes : Tables Match......It should be no surprise that this match is here. You've got the Intercontinental Champion vs. the TV Champion. I say we do it up right and tell Devon to get the tables. Guaranteed, Rhodes will know what that means, at least from watching it at home growing up.

Joe and Magnus vs. Epico and Primo: Steel Cage Escape Match......Once again, champion vs. champion. I simply don't believe the WWE has any chance whatsoever of winning out on this one under these conditions. With both size and experience on the side of TNA's finest, the deck is stacked.

Beth Phoenix vs. ODB: Queen of the Cage.....Both of these women are TOUGH. There's no way around it. No card should be complete without seeing a womens match. I just want to put these two chemicals together to see what happens when you shake them up.......

Team Undertaker (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Santino, and The Undertaker)
Team Sting (Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Matt Morgan, Bobby Roode, and Sting) : LETHAL LOCKDOWN......
You're probably wondering why Santino is in this match. Simple. I want to see the United States Champion get his rear end whooped. Here's the long and short of things: TNA's roster is filled to the brim with guys who are making their living on putting themselves on the line to benefit their company that spotlights them. Ever since going PG, WWE has lost perspective on what brought them to be the national power that they are. This completely made up PPV card shows that the scales are tilting and that the ones who are winning the day are guys who can deliver the goods in the ring and prove that a superior roster isn't made up of household names who are manufactured by Vince McMahon.

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