Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fears and Shout Outs.......

I've heard some pretty disturbing rumors concerning the financial state of TNA. I've been hearing that they are paying talents late and the like.....all of that worries me until I look at their website and see the deals and offerings and the expenses that must be cut in order to bring about the merchandise cost they extent to their fans. Think about it, people. If their talents were getting paid late and the strings of the money bag were so tight, how do you explain the travel outside of the Impact Zone? What about the deep discounts on merchandise? Maybe you can tell me about the production value improvements made in the last couple of years or the contracts of their top stars.

The point is....even if some of the backing is coming from outside sources, TNA is offering far too much to their fans to make me believe the problems are financial. If anything, TNA is gaining ground. Choosing host cities is expensive. Setting things up in a new venue is expensive. So I would disregard the rumor until there is sustainable evidence to support it, which as of yet, there isn't.

Now, I have a couple of shout outs......

To the guys and gals coming from Facebook, in particular the Sting (TNA) fan site, the discussions on the walls of that place are good. Some of my best work here comes from inspirations I get there.

To everyone else, thanks for's tough to do this daily, but for everyone new who comes in and wants to get another perspective about TNA and WWE other than what most of the critics say, I like to think this is something new. So pass it along and throw out questions and comments....I welcome it all.

Thanks again......Tactix

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