Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Kevin Nash answered some questions this week concerning his position in the world of wrestling. Among them was his opinion on what TNA needs to be able to compete more completely with WWE. He said what Hogan said back in the day.....a game changer. What he meant was a former WWE marquis player with vast name recognition. The moment I read it, I wanted to jump through whatever device Nash was using and beat him about the head and shoulders. With all due respect, that is NOT what TNA needs.....not at all. What TNA needs is for the people who haven't been watching wrestling since Austin and The Rock's time to tune into Impact on Thursday nights. Here's the truth of the matter.....the WWE fans who are exclusive to the product will throw out all kinds of gripes about TNA, whether it's that they have all of the old performers or they have too many guys they don't recognize, or whatever is the complaint of the day, but what it comes down to is that they're comfortable where they are. Plain and simple. There's nothing wrong with that, but those are also not the brand of people TNA needs to target anymore.

You know what TNA needs? Momentum. That's right. They need just one week where they break out some huge numbers and are able to use that to move forward. That kind of fanfare would allow them to move ahead with expanding their borders. Once they have made some fans out of the Attitude Era veteran fans, they will be able to leave the Impact Zone of Orlando behind and truly utilize the road. My advice for TNA concerning that, however, is for them to continue doing tapings in 2-3 week intervals so that the talents can use the down time to rest their bodies. Playing things safely has always made TNA a better company than WWE in terms of the schedule. This is the way to do it. WWE is not WCW and Vince McMahon is not Eric Bischoff and the revelation of show results aren't in Vince's bag of tricks, they never were.

I have some WWE news that I found interesting. Shane Douglas, the Franchise, crashed RAW this Monday night in a mask when he appeared in the crowd during the Kane/Big Show match. His intent was to cause an ECW chant. The funny part of this is that not only did it not work, but most of the people in attendance in the area he was in had no clue who he was even after removing the mask and exposing his t shirt. He was escorted out unceremoniously.

This is the state of WWE, people. No one knows who these guys who helped the industry are. They have no clue who Kevin Nash is, or Shane Douglas, Sabu, Road Dogg (how many people in the audience popped at the Rumble?)......the point is the crowd is too young. They need a montage or a vignette showing some back history in order to explain. But then that was the goal of WWE in the first place with the PG format. Can someone over at WWE tell me why you would feature guys from the Attitude Era who were mid-card players on RAW or Smackdown when your audience is too young to know who they are?

In the next column I've got some spoilers about the Tag Team Division, but for now, I'll leave this column with a thought.....TNA is building for Lockdown, this much we know, but there are people waiting in the shadows to make their returns and debuts in the coming months. Stay tuned. Devon isn't the only surprise.

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