Tuesday, March 20, 2012


As promised, I have news of the Tag Team Division. Magnus and Joe have a match this Thursday against a team not seen since Final Resolution. Mexican America reunites to challenge for the belts. With the Motor City Machine Guns looming on the horizon, it's appearing that more teams are on the docket to emerge. While the brass in TNA management are keeping silent about who else is coming, you can be sure that things are coming that will pleasantly surprise the avid TNA fan.

Mexican America, Magnus and Joe, the Guns, and possibly two more teams for a division that once seemed without direction. However, TNA is good at playing the game with the cards that are dealt and this is an example of just that. With more teams now in a division that has most always been of higher caliber than WWE in recent years, the tides turn.

To further add to the mix, characters like Kid Kash, Anthony Nese, Rosita, and Sarita, who had been moreorless sidelined tending an place in storylines affecting their respective divisions, all come back into the limelight this Thursday. Back on the 28th of last month, I predicted the Latina Knockouts back in action, as well as Super Mex and Anarquia and Kid Kash......trust me, peeps......I'll keep you in the loop, just like always.

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