Friday, March 30, 2012

Round 2: Current events....

There is a question in my mind that keeps floating around in my do I say something in this forum that I haven't already said and still maintain the integrity of this column? Do I talk about the road schedules that wear and tear on the bodies of the WWE Superstars vs. the far easier schedule TNA's roster enjoys? How about a division comparison? Do I talk about Vince McMahon's move ban list? The point I'm making here is that I have covered A LOT of ground as to my disappointment in the PG canned format that has made it difficult in virtually every facet to move into new territory without it feeling like something is missing in the way of intensity.

With a depleted bench and the top tier working hurt, WWE's list of the walking wounded is long and after Wrestlemania in 2 days, the list is sure to be even more sizeable. In fact, it only seems fitting to remerge the rosters for Raw and Smackdown just to make a complete product. What completely baffles me, however, is that even now, there are guys who rarely even get a chance to compete on television to help take up the slack left by those stepping away to heal.

This is my biggest problem with WWE, folks. There is only room at the top for, at most, 6 men at a time in all of the product. You have your basic three on Raw in Cena, Del Rio, and CM Punk. On Smackdown, there is Daniel Bryan, Big Show, and now Sheamus, who has replaced Mark Henry as their golden boy. Seriously, people....look at TNA right now. There is Roode, Storm, Ray, Jeff Hardy, and the promise of Crimson, Morgan, and Aries in the coming months, provided that Aries renews once his contract has expired.

I wouldn't even want to discuss a Women's Division comparison as WWE's is dead. TNA devotes a great deal of time to the Knockouts Division for storyline and character development. WWE can't even begin to compete on their level.

High flyers? WWE has them very often grounded while TNA's X Division continues to shine at each PPV and on television in nitrous boost matches. While I would ask for a bit more from week to week, PPV matches often go for nearly 10 minutes with little downtime. WWE's resthold laden undercard is boring and underdeveloped with Superstars like Santino, who has no business holding the championship he currently wears, horribly representing their respective divisions.

While WWE's Tag Team Division flounders and the titles can go for months without being defended, TNA's Tag Team Division is experiencing a resurgence with the return of Mexican America and the Motor City Machine Guns, who will be returning this coming Thursday night. The current alliances of Anderson and Styles along with Daniels and Kaz would make fine additions to the Tag Team Divisions, while WWE is still trying to scrape together one team in Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel to fill the Wrestlemania PRE SHOW!!! Seriously, if this doesn't tell you how much they think of their own Tag Team Division by NOT including them in the actual event, I have no idea what will convince you.

My long list of grievances I have simply narrowed to what we can see from week to week. I don't even include the number of insults and intentional humiliations thrown; from repeatedly teasing Lillian Garcia for misstating the name of the US Champion to the hypocrisy-laden Anti-Bullying campaign launched by WWE in recent months. I crossed the line to step away from Vince and his cronies watering down their product to be ingested by children. I wanted to see a more gritty product, designed for those fans who have a more refined love of the craft. I crossed the line, because at the end of the day, wrestling matters to me.

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